About Us


We are a family owned British fabric design company, producing high quality fabrics which are suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings.  Working from our Cumbrian studio, tucked away in the north west corner of England, all our designs are inspired by Cumbrian animals, plants and landscape. Starting with a hand-drawn sketch, we give classical ideas a twist by only revealing the pattern on closer inspection, making each design unique and quirkily distinctive.

We work with retail outlets as well as selling products directly from this website. Please contact us for further information.


Michaela Corrie is the artist and designer for Cabbage and Curtainrail.  Although born in London, she grew up in rural Cumbria, with the hills of the Lake District never far way. Over the past fifteen years, she has built up her own graphic design business, achieving an enviable portfolio of prestigious clients. During these years she married her childhood sweetheart, had two babies, and recently has taken a leap into the world of fabric design.  As Creative Director for Cabbage and Curtainrail she moves from the art of combining text and pictures in print to producing designs for use on fabric.  It is her instinctive graphic discipline to create orderly repeat constructions and geometric patterns that give her fabric patterns a modern, charming and instantly recognisable quirky quality.

Lesley Elston, also born in London, has had an interest in textiles and needlework from an early age. Her heritage in fine needlework comes from her mother Marjorie, who worked as a court dressmaker in Buckingham Gate in London, famously working on dresses for the ladies in the Buckingham Palace court (including the wedding dress of Mrs 'Wallis' Simpson, now on display in Brooklyn, US). As Lesley grew up, she was clothed in fine, tailored outfits, with her mother insisting she learn the finer details of needlework.  Lesley has spent a lifetime handcrafting, from embroidery, knitting and cross-stitch to curtain-making, upholstery and soft furnishings; whilst bringing up her three children with her late husband, Peter. Lesley has owned a small craft business for many years and now her passion for sewing has led to the fusion of art and needlework with her daughter Michaela.

Why "Cabbage and Curtainrail"?  To be honest, our business couldn’t have been called anything else. Family means everything to us; each of us with our own unique characters and ways. Dad certainly ticked the ‘character’ box, with his dry humour and eccentric nature. Each night, as small children, he would think up a different adventure that our two imaginary pet donkeys 'Cabbage' and his brother 'Curtainrail' had enjoyed that day.  Each story came to an end with a gentle kiss on our forehead, knowing Cabbage and Curtainrail were tucked up nice and warm in our airing cupboard. Sadly in 2010, just as our business was getting off the ground, Dad lost his battle with chronic asthma, and he fell asleep in death. Our business name serves as a wonderful reminder of his quirky and fun nature, which we hope is reflected in our rather eccentric designs.